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Exhibitors China International Textile Fair 
 Date:2014/10/24  Count: 715  From:Hangzhou Xinfu Textile CO., Ltd.  

WASHINGTON (correspondent SAC) Shanghai, has been the surface materials to domestic and foreign markets, "bridgehead." October 20 to 23, the 20th China International Textile fabrics and accessories (autumn) Expo held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

As the world's largest professional exhibition of fabrics, fabric exhibition 20 years intertextile booming witnessed the rapid development of China's textile and apparel industry. The exhibition enabled 15 pavilions Shanghai New International Expo Center, the exhibition area of 175,020 square meters. Pavilion, overseas pavilions from Germany, Italy, South Korea and other countries and regions, with the overall image, innovative products, quality service, beautiful booth set up to fight the show, let the audience feel the development trend of global textile fabrics while comprehend a world-class brand has charm.

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